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Finding yourself with more time to read lately? Plenty of people are rediscovering the uncomplicated joys of

curling up with a good book and being transported to another world. We have some recommended reading for you — page-turners to devour in your Town Lantana apartment while relaxing in the living room or soaking up some rays out on the balcony. And you can even join a virtual book club and read along with dozens of other literature lovers.

Our Recommended Reading

Jeannette Walls’ 2005 memoir “The Glass Castle” has really gripped us lately. In it, Walls and her siblings experience a turbulent childhood in West Virginia, thanks to highly dysfunctional parents. There are some painful moments, but some rewardingly beautiful ones, too.

“We Were the Lucky Ones,” by Georgia Hunter, is another heartstring puller. It focuses on the Jewish Kurc family and how they were torn apart by the horrors of war. The novel tells of her family’s struggles to overcome the adversity of being thrown into far-flung corners of the world — with the aim of being together once again.

“A remarkable heartbreaker” is how Barack Obama, no less, describes “Educated.” Tara Westover’s tale of her own self-educated journey from Idaho mountain girl — with no proof of her own existence — to erudite Harvard scholar, demonstrates that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.

The TV adaptation of Sally Rooney’s bestseller “Normal People” is causing a stir right now, and this is a great time to get caught up in the source material. It’s a riveting read about the electric relationship between two mismatched lovers in rural Ireland.

Join a Virtual Book Group

The popularity of virtual book groups has rocketed in the past couple of months, with people eager to read communally, share their thoughts, and hear those of others. Of course, with platforms like Zoom, it’s easy enough to set up your own group with friends and family from the comfort of your Town Lantana apartment.

Looking to get in on the action of an existing virtual group? These are bountiful. Quarantine Book Club invites you to chat with authors about their works.

Always wanted to read “War and Peace,” but find it somewhat forbidding? Join in with # TolstoyTogether, a daily online read, where you and the group collectively work through Leo Tolstoy’s classic tome in bite-size pieces.

Not keen on the discussion part of book clubs? Silent Book Club is for you. The concept is to read a book in the company of others (virtually, of course) and simply enjoy the experience. There is no pressure to say anything clever at the end of it.

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